Single Source of Truth

Unlike all other applications, Artura offers a single source of Truth, meaning all visualizations are generated from actual data, guaranteeing your schemas always match the database.

Artura versus Traditional software

Our goal is to align project information as much as possible, allowing for better collaboration between your team and project stakeholders.

Traditional software still requires many other applications creating multiple versions of the truth with an exponential increase in labor.

The project timeline

Below the difference is shown between traditional software with multiple versions of Truth and Artura.





Floor Plans



Rack Layouts


Room Schematics


Patch Layouts




Port Layouts

Config Sheets

As built





Allowing users to shape their project using functionalities positively affects the workload for Sales and Designers. Within no time, you have illustrated your ideas on the plan view or have a quote ready.

There is much done already. I need to tidy up some schemas and connections, verify the layouts, and done. What else can I assist with today?

Wherever you look, everything is aligned from the product list, schemas, and cables. The installation has just gotten more flexible and On Demand. You can pick your documents whenever you need them and start building.

From the start, Artura helps to maintain port configurations. The programmers can easily filter on the equipment they are configuring and see all the devices attached while doing brief checks with the specifications: no more misunderstandings and endless browsing drawings.

Everything falls into place, the team is aligned, and are having one accumulative goal: finish a beautiful project with a smile and enjoy the appreciation from the company.


Many documents are already created during the design phase, like a functional requirements matrix in Excel, floor plans in CAD software, and a product list in Excel or other design software.

Engineers start producing a massive amount of documents using various software, building the foundation for each project. Then, the nightmare of version management begins and seems an impossible task with the valuable and limited time available.

The various range of documents starts to translate to the actual installation, already having different versions of the Truth new document are created: Patch Layouts and Labels while Client changes are still ongoing.

Many documents are lying around, and upon reading different things, people start questioning the value of documents grasping back to the original specifications missing crucial decisions during the build process. Thus, new records arise Config Sheets and Port Layouts.

With ten versions of the truth and still some gaps in the requirements, the commission team or project manager is charged delivering the project successfully using the sign of documents. With the frustration of many silos in the team, projects are getting finished with bare profit or loss.

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