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Wiring diagramWire schematics


Interactive Design

Integrated & interactive design and engineering tool

Artura replaces the need for Cad or Visio software that is stitched together with custom code.

Start using Artura and stop worrying about development costs.



What you see is what you get, one synchronized design.


Upload floorplans and place your equipment with all icons already made for you.

2D Plan View


Enjoy immense flexibility with automated schematics or create your own to have the information you need.

Wire schematics

Functional Requirements

Translate client requirements

Convert your client requirements to a functional design to generate a large part of your project.

Optimize your process

Function Picker




Classify and group areas to improve readability, tidiness, and increased user experience


Use functions to assign pre-defined equipment and cable templates to the areas



Boost your efficiency and generate 90% of your engineering with the functional matrix

Product Database


Product Database

Maintain project and organization products

A centralized organization database allows you to use similar products in many projects. Moreover, as the project stands on its own, you don't have to worry about surprising updates from your colleagues.



Compose multiple products in assemblies as your organization standards.

Rack Elevations

Create your assemblies, and your rack elevations are visualized automatically.

Rack Layouts


Boost your proposals with centralized product management.

Product management

Unique efficiency

Work like you've never worked before

Enjoy the newest web technologies, providing supportive workflows to design even more in less time.

Efficiency at it's best.



Filters & Sorting

Offering advanced filters & sorting possibilities, you can get precisely the data you want to see.


Group your data by all kinds of properties, and create overviews you have never had before.


Bulk actions

With the use of grouping and filters, bulk actions are the best way to perform project updates.

Bulk Actions
Cable wiring



Integrated & interactive design and engineering tool

Being able to draw cables on the floorplans made creating an infrastructure more effortless than ever before.

Combine Cables

Combined cables

Optimize pulling cost by applying multicore cables to your design.

Signal topology

Use signal types to create topology overviews in your project.

Signal Topology

Port configuration

With a unique concept of signal paths, you can extract all the port configurations needed for programming and IT.

Product management

Whoa, more features:

Project Teams & Invite Stakeholders

CSV and Excel Exports

Publish your project once your happy so that stakeholders can see the results

Split cables on the fly to increase accuracy

Cable Length Estimations

Label exports for installation


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