System integration requires a versatile process

Line schematics

Artura offers precisely that. You can start at any point in your design. No matter if you start from scratch, based on an RFQ / specification, or want to modernize some of your previous works. 

Artura is here for you!

Wire schematicsFunctional DesignTopologyTeam work, collaborationInfrastructure

Functional Design

With the functional matrix, you can translate the client requirements to a functional design. The design can transform into an actual plan using generative features, including the required infrastructure.


Use functions to create your company standards and import them to the projects when needed. Once in the project, you can customize the functions to the project needs.

Functional Matrix

With the functional matrix, you can assign the functions to the rooms. Then, as functions form the project's base template, you can generate the required equipment locations and cables with a single click.

Equipment Locations

Equipment locations are the product placeholders and represent a single or group of products. Besides that, they also represent the positions on all your plans.


Use the plan view to share your intentions with the parties involved. A perfect readable way to share your plans, place all your equipment locations on the floor plans, and everybody instantly understands your design.

Define products

Add your products of choice on the fly, or choose them from your imported company database. Maintain specifications, prices, port configurations, and attachments with ease in an organized space.


Define your products and assign them in bulk to all the equipment locations based on room properties or functional requirements.


With assemblies, you can compose groups of products. For example, think about that AV plate you use over 100 times maintained in a single place. Or build your racks and visualize them right away.


Use the Bill of Material list to create your quotes. It shows precisely all the projects products used. When in need of more detail, switch over to the complete equipment list for single item-based pricing.

Rack Layouts

With a unique concept of equipment slots, creating rack layouts are more accessible than ever before.

Create the Infrastructure

Artura provides unique concepts that allow you to pull cables right on the floor plans, providing insights you could only imagine before Artura. In addition, our combine and split cable features make engineering a breeze.

Signal Paths

Signal paths add significant value in understanding your system. Always keep sight of your origin and destination devices, no matter how many cable hops in between the two.


With Artura, you can combine cables into multicores, allowing you to design any cable type you like.


Work together with internal and external project stakeholders in Artura. Invite them to join your project, and keep everyone aware of the latest information, just one click away. All actions are integrated into a single user interface.

Project Team

Create your team with members of your organization or project stakeholders from outside your organization, bringing all details to the right persons.

Share Filters

Advanced filters allow you to share specific content on the plan view with any team member, like all the ceiling speakers or Wi-Fi access points.


The automated schematics will show the actual design per room or equipment location. Additionally, you can look at the entire system or zoom in to a specific connection detail. Exactly the level of detail you need at that moment.

Line schematics

Optimized Layouts

Enjoy our tailored automated schematics for instant overviews of your system and add connections when required.

Signal Explorer

The signal explorer shows all your connections of a similar type, giving insight you've never had before.

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