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The process outlines

Functional Design

With the functional matrix, you can translate the client requirements to a functional design. The design can transform into an actual plan using generative features, including the required infrastructure.

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Define products

Add your products of choice on the fly, or choose them from your imported company database. Maintain specifications, prices, port configurations, and attachments with ease in an organized space.

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Artura provides unique concepts that allow you to pull cables right on the floor plans, providing insights you could only imagine before Artura. In addition, our combine and split cable features make engineering a breeze.

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Work together with internal and external project stakeholders in Artura. Invite them to join your project, and keep everyone aware of the latest information, just one click away. All actions are integrated into a single user interface.

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Room Schematics

The automated schematics will show the actual design per room or equipment location. Additionally, you can look at the entire system or zoom in to a specific connection detail. Exactly the level of detail you need at that moment.

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Line schematics

What people say about US

We are amazed by peoples reactions, see what's up next:

Artura packs a real punch!

Edwin Edelenbos

As a systems designer and project manager with 8 years’ experience in the systems integration market I can confidently say that Artura is one of the most impressive and efficient design & engineering tools I have ever used. It is the only one that I know of that is purpose built for exactly what we do. You don’t need to make any work arounds and you don’t need to bend your process because of the tool. Its features and intuitive interface make even the most complex tasks feel simple and straightforward. I use it by starting with my functional matrix, adding rooms and their functionalities, which in turn auto populates those rooms with ‘equipment locations’, which you can already start connecting, even before the exact product model has been chosen. Something which is very important in a rapidly changing project landscape. As a very visual person, the fact that you can do much of your work on a visual representation of the project (the plan view) as well as through other means, is a huge plus for me. Making changes to your engineering is also simple. You won’t need to update several separate documents one after the other when a change order comes in, because changing it in your design changes it in all other aspects at once. I don’t doubt with an established database and team, you could engineer a million euro plus project in few weeks. On top of that, it is very simple for anyone in the team, not just CAD engineering’s to make updates and changes.

Highly recommend Artura.

— Scot Mostert ( Project Manager & AV-IT Technology
Specialist )

Save countless painful hours.

Guy Butterati

Artura packs a real punch!

The whole suite of tools is very well thought out and offers real added value by giving the stakeholders around the designed systems a centralized and structured place to document and understand what the system does, what it comprises, what goes where, how it all ties together, and the costs involved.

This piece of software should be a no-brainer for system integrators, but can also be used to great effect by advisors/designers/specifiers.

— Edwin Edelenbos ( Expert Advice on AV/IT Systems for Superyachts and High-End Properties)

Highly recommend Artura.

Scot Mostert

"With Artura you will save countless painful hours on AutoCAD and Excel… Yes, I know, those tools are staples in our business of systems integrators, yet they represent the old fashion! Artura brings a refreshed systemic approach for our design, technical and business documents packages… From RFQ to build and beyond… A modern way to elaborate highly professional documents with truly collaborative process, a time saving workflow, and - I am sure of that ! - a platform ready to embrace inevitable evolutions of our jobs ( e.g. AI / AR, cloud based collaboration workflows, knowledge sharing and projects stakeholders increasingly high demand for clarity… ). And, for my colleagues in the superyacht business, Artura has a very special flair for our specificities, indeed!

— Guy Butterati ( User Experience Designer / AV-IT Systems Architect )

Artura introduction, images speak louder then words, watch our introduction video!

Operational Efficiency

Artura differentiates in increased operational efficiency and reliability, while all stakeholders can have real-time insight into the status of the project.

Continuous professional development, relevant expertise from the industry, and the modular setup complete the unique proposition of Artura.

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Time Saving

The reinvented process that allows users to start with a concept and seamlessly end with installation, together with bulk actions and advanced sorting & grouping, makes Artura one of the finest tools available.

Do less stupid work, more intelligent work.

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Artura allows you to design responsibly. The platform provides new insights into your system designs and helps you to explore multiple concepts.

Besides that, Artura follows a Single Source Of Truth policy, meaning your schematics are always synchronized with the database.

Together they lift your organization to the next level.

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The complete platform for system integrators

Download example engineering package

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