Operational Efficiency

One complete platform for system design, engineering, and building/adjusting proposals


Artura is a new, innovative, continuously evolving product that solves a problem that all system integrators, project managers, and system designers know very well.

To engineer, design, and propose technical systems (AV, IT, Security, Lightning, etc.), different people work in various tools that are often not designed to do what you want to do, resulting in time-consuming and repeating tasks, no central overview, and an inefficient documentation flow.

Artura solves that. It is a collaborative design, engineering, and proposal generating tool for AV, IT, and Security system integration companies in commercial, residential, and maritime space.

Hybrid working

Now more than ever, it is vital to bring people together through collaborative software. Hybrid working breaks the bonds between your colleagues, creating more islands in your organization.

Artura tears down the silos and naturally supports collaboration and team spirit.

It is an online, modern, and easy-to-use web application for system design, engineering, and creating proposals. For your team, your client, and stakeholders.



Invite project stakeholders to have real-time insight into the project's actual status, reducing mail traffic and increasing targeted solutions.

Start working as a team, not just within your organization but with the whole project organization.

Continuous development

Artura is continuously searching for new ways to improve the way information is brought to its users. Having relevant expertise from the industry and a modular setup completes the unique proposition of Artura.

The complete platform for system integrators

Download full example engineering package

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