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The first glimpse of Artura and its many features

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After a few years of hard work, we finally have all the features we need to bring Artura to the public. So today, we have launched our website to show you the first glimpse of Artura.

What is Artura?

Artura focuses on System Integrators, designers, and consultants whose challenges grow daily and require trustworthy and readable information. The app is there for anyone who wants to design a system, create quotes, make detailed engineering, and install.

Today, technologies offer many new opportunities for the world of system integrators. For example, interactive designs, organic workflows, and collaboration increase quality, precision, and performance. But it is not easy bringing these together. Artura provides those integrations to you. We've implemented the latest technologies and tons of experience in a single application.

Artura does not only increase your operational efficiency. It brings a whole other level of experience to your customers and suppliers. When needed, you can invite any stakeholders to your project, giving them access to the plan view, system designs, or equipment kit list. Reviewing and talking about the design and implementation has never been unified. Imagine the potential of cutting all the meetings and discussions about the project in half, and we believe we can do more!

Beta testing

At the end of this year/early 2022, we will start with beta testing. The beta testing will involve testing all the features reflected in real projects and provides the first opportunity to give our team feedback. We aim to implement the feedback on existing features and gather new feature requests before the official release.

If you want to apply for Beta testing, please send us a message.

When can you start using Artura?

We value our beta tester's feedback, and their feedback is given a place in time, preferably before the official release.

At the moment the official launch is in the first quarter 2022.

The complete platform for system integrators

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