Are your system engineers redoing all the sales engineering work?

Artura ensures a seamless handover.

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Let us introduce you to Artura, the software platform where your system design, engineering, installation, and commissioning can be created, managed, and shared.

We all know the mismatch between sales and engineering. Where sales capture the commercial side perfectly, engineering will redo everything in Excel, Visio, and CAD with many open points to clarify.

A complete waste of energy and loss of essential information earlier required, which causes frustration over and over.

How easy would it be to reuse all the work done by sales and seamlessly continue engineering on that? Even better, why not use engineering input to optimize your profit margins?  

Let Artura take your pains away and provide all you need:

✓ Customizable sales proposals and exports

✓ Product, labor, cable, and miscellaneous pricing calculations

✓ Price breakdowns

✓ Project management report

✓ Seamless transition to engineering

Sales proposal

Continuous development

Visio style diagrams

Creating an engineering package is one thing, but usually this does not go without some sketch paper before reaching a final design.

So why not include this paper inside Artura?

We will add a whole new experience to system design, a place where you can keep all your project notes, relevant system information and most important enhance your sales documentation with visuals that make it super easy for your clients to understand what they get.

✓ Add your own pictures and notes

✓ Visualize functional client requirements

✓ Customized styling

Available now

Version management

Our clients always want to make changes whenever they see the end product coming together. Of course, it can be tricky to document and find all the exact changes to implement. Are you still sharing ‘system_projectYellowAVIT_rev8.pdf’ by E-mail with 15 people? With interactive version management in Artura, you can quickly switch between the latest and previous versions and see all the changes done live on the screen. Versions make it easy to update your systems and implement new wishes.

version management
Functional design matrix

The complete platform for system integrators

Download full example engineering package

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