Artura versus D-tools

A high-level overview and detailed engineering comparison of the top software products for AV designs. Learn why your company should choose Artura.

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Choosing your design and engineering software is not an easy decision. There are many applications to choose from, each with its own benefits and pricing.

In this article, we explore the main differences between Artura and D-tools and explain how Artura can be your partner in saving time while spending less money.

High level comparison

D-tools SI
D-tools Cloud
Functional Design  workflow (50% efficiency boost)
Support for MacOS
Multi  user support
Single platform for Drawings, Design proposals and team collaboration
Product library
Version management
Auto drawn schematics / Auto connect (50% efficiency boost)
In app manual / support
Full API Support
Customizable reports
Pricing for 4 users
Learning curve

*Requires d-tools support. With Artura, you can be in complete control or use our service and templates

In-depth comparison

In this comparison, we take a closer look at Artura and D-tools SI in terms of engineering.

Many rely on D-tools for their proposals, but this often leads to a frustrating process. Engineers find themselves struggling to translate sales documents into actual engineering, whether in separate CAD or using D-tools functionality. This results in numerous mistakes, a poor transfer of knowledge, and a sense of frustration within the teams.

Artura takes care of all this; by following our core workflow, the designers or sales engineers prepare the schematics in the background. When the project is won, your engineering team has an easy job: fill in some final room details, connect the rack equipment, and run the exports. That's it!


D-tools SI + Visio or CAD
Technical Product library
Guaranteed sync between database and all drawings
Persistent editing & engineering
Multi user support
Auto reference / numbering
Knowledge / troubleshooting graphs
Native hybrid / multicore cable support
CAD Import
CAD Export

*It is possible to import BIM files on request

Floorplan arrangement drawings

Floor plans are essential to any design. They are also one of the best documents for explaining and discussing the details of the project.

Both Artura and D-tools offer great features in this perspective. However, Artura sets itself apart as it can provide filters based on your data together with built-in projections like CCTV without the need to create any kind of Visio or CAD shapes yourself.

D-tools SI + Visio or CAD
Icon library
Dynamic filters
Cable design on floorplans
CCTV & speaker projections build-in


There is a big difference between schematics in Visio or CAD and Artura Schematics. With CAD and Visio, you store your drawings into separate files, essentially building stand-alone documents that have some 'smart' logic to update a database. These documents are doomed to mistakes and loads of manual actions to keep your database and drawings matching.

Artura has your back. All the schematics are instantly created from the data in the database, and no matter where you make an update, all your schematics automatically follow, Making Artura persistent.

Combine this with version management, and you have an ultimate tool for drawing your schematics without your engineering team working all day on CAD drawings.

D-tools SI + Visio or CAD
Auto layout and cable routing
Dynamic filters
Single-line schematics
Multi-line schematics
System-line schematics
Bulk export

Rack layouts

Artura has a dedicated rack configurator with a client export view that runs all the power, heat, and weight calculations for you. In contrast, D-tools require much manual input to achieve a similar result.

D-tools SI + Visio or CAD
Power & heatload calculations
Front view
Side view
Cable impact viewer


Both Artura and D-tools offer reporting features; however, there is a big difference in implementation. The D-tools reporting features are not easily accessible for users, meaning you are not in control, and changes can take long.

Artura gives you full flexibility. You can use our templates or our service to get you started or take matters into your own hands.

D-tools SI + Visio or CAD
Modern report designer
Template library
Cable lists
Bill of materials / equipment list
Extensive manual and examples available


If your company is ready to take the next step in quality and reliable documentation, efficient workflows, and, most importantly, saving 50% of the time in your engineering process, then Artura is the only way forward.

The complete platform for system integrators

Download full example engineering package

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